Ever feel like the Odd Woman Out? When I became a Pastor’s wife I lost my first name.  However, I continue to introduce myself by first and last name without narratives.  I never say, “hello ~ I’m —- the Pastor’s wife”.  No – No – No!  BIG NO-NO. 

But when others introduce me they always say “this is the Pastor’s wife”.  Sometimes I get lucky and they insert my name at the end of the description of who I am.  Sometimes, not.

 Pastor’s wives have no right to their own opinions, thoughts, or ideas – particularly within the congregation and it’s circles, and especially within the community in which they live.   They do, however, retain the right to be seen and not heard.  

Thus, I choose to remain anonymous and provide a safe-haven for those who do the same.  So Google me, if you must – you will find nothing (not that there is anything to find!) LOL!

Theologize-philosophize-politicize-idealize to your little heart’s content!