Have you ever heard of this?   I hadn’t until my dad (a retired Baptist preacher) told me about the one he and my sisters attend. 

Evidently, people can take their horses to this ‘church’ and remain seated on them during the entire service. 

But then, we’re not talking about anything even remotely close to Lutheran Worship now, are we….

My mom’s greatest disappointment is that there is no choir she can sing in.  Bet they still have altar call though. 

I wonder if they have poop-scoopin ushers? 


Feud for thought….. that is if yah bring yer rifle….

Wonder if the preacher ever worries about preachin’ too much law with all those rifles in church…..  

On a more serious note, it’s sad that these fad ‘churches’ are teaching so much error, one being that you can receive God’s salvation without and separate from the Holy Spirit.  

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