OH NOE !!!   I wash my sheets every week; sometimes MORE ~~ AND ~~ I just washed them yesterday!  I know, ask you if you care… really…….  and why would you?

But this morning when I was making my bed I found a DEAD spider in it!  Thank GOODNESS it was on my husband’s side of the bed!  He can handle it, he’s had cancer, afterall….. LOL!

Anyway… as you know, it doesn’t take much to ‘get me thinking…’ .  AND this is no different.

I started wondering how the spider died.  Did he get rolled over on?  Did he get wacked by a million pound leg (in spider pounds of course)?  Did he get chewed up and spit out?  Because everyone knows that during the average person’s lifetime he eats at least 8 spiders in his sleep!  And if you are one of those who didn’t know ~ well, now you do!

And who knows what that spider did before he died!  He could have been crawling all over me.  (shivers…. eeek…. yuck… freaks me out to think of it)  And if he was doing that, what else was he doing?  Did he crawl on my face?  In my hair?  Did he even think about crawling in my mouth?  EEWWW!

Okay, so I’m a little scared of spiders.  I HATE them.  Especially the big fat hairy ones  ~  and they are everywhere.  You can’t get away from them!  If I find one in the shower I am going unbathed until the professional spider killer gets home.  That is unless I’ve had enough coffee and someone has made me mad enough that I think I can kill it on my own.  I have been that brave, but not often.

I’m glad I didn’t find the spider on my side of the bed.